What Is Roof Shampoo?

December 4, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts

Many homeowners facing the growth of algae, fungus, lichen or other types of vegetation on their roof may be wondering how they can eliminate these troublesome and damaging pests. While some roofing contractors in Anoka County, MN may turn to bleach to clean off undesirable plant matter from their clients’ roofs, using a bleach-based cleaner can actually damage your home’s shingles, contaminate your water supply and kill your garden. Working with a roofing company that specializes in bleach-alternative roof shampoo products is the best way to remove vegetation without harming the surrounding environment.

Benefits of going bleach-free

Bleach is a harsh chemical that kills almost every kind of vegetation it comes into contact with—not just the undesirable growths on top of your roof. Additionally, using bleach to clean your roof can result in inadvertent damage to the structural integrity of the roof itself. Any time that you are working with roofing contractors in Anoka County, MN, you should be sure to ask them if they are using a bleach-free cleaning product on your roof.

While bleach is capable of killing fungal growth on your roof, it also breaks down the top layer of wood or other material on your shingles into easily digestible cellulose, which is the food of choice for many mold varieties. This means that by bleaching your roof, you may actually be fostering faster mold growth after the cleaning process is complete.

Additionally, any runoff that may seep from your roof onto your lawn or garden below will kill your plant life and could permanently damage your lawn. It may also run the risk of contaminating any surface water sources that you rely on for gardening purposes.

Eco-friendly alternatives

Many roofing contractors in Anoka County, MN now rely on eco-friendly bleach alternatives, known as roof shampoo. These substances gently treat your roof to remove vegetation, without breaking down its surface material. Roof shampoo products are actually more effective at removing streaks and stains than bleach, and they do not facilitate faster mold regrowth after use.

If you are looking for an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional roof cleaning practices, you should find a contractor specializing in the use of roof shampoo. They can help you extend the lifespan of your roof, elevate the value of your home and keep your property free of harmful chemicals. It’s essential to work with the right roofing contractors in Anoka County, MN during the roof cleaning process.

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