Important Reasons to Take Care of Your Home’s Siding

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Siding is one of the most visible aspects of your home. It is also the exterior part of your house that you most frequently come into contact with. When siding becomes excessively dirty or falls into disrepair, it can adversely affect the value of your home, or even lead to potential health and safety concerns. Thankfully, working with qualified siding contractors in Anoka County, MN can help you negate the ill effects poorly maintained siding!

Trusting your siding maintenance to qualified professionals is the best way to ensure that your home retains its highest possible value, and that it is aesthetically pleasing throughout the year.

Power washing is the most common type of siding cleaning and maintenance. This simple act, when performed correctly, can save you a substantial amount of money in siding repairs and replacements later on down the road. Here are just a few reasons why you should invest in regular siding maintenance and cleaning:

  • Alleviates allergies: If you’ve noticed an uptick in allergy symptoms, it may be time to invest in a good power washing for your home’s siding. Allergy symptoms are often exacerbated by dirty siding, which can trap in allergens and keep them stuck within close proximity to your home.
  • Removes pollutants: Air pollutants, including gas and diesel residue, frequently settle on your home’s siding. Acid from rainfall, animal excrement and smoke are also common contaminants that can be found on house siding. Power washing your siding is a great way to minimize your potential exposure to these pollutants.
  • Saves time: Scrubbing your home with a brush is not only ineffective—it’s also time-consuming! Paying for professional siding contractors in Anoka County, MN to perform your siding cleaning and maintenance is the best way to make the most out of your busy schedule.
  • Cost-effective: Paying for regular siding cleanings with a power washer is actually one of the most cost-effective types of home maintenance you can perform. Mold, mildew, dirt and algae can all break down your siding over time. If the siding on your home is substantially degraded, you may have to replace it all.
  • Adds value: Before bringing your home to market, you should invest in a solid scrub-down of your home’s siding. Working with siding contractors in Anoka County, MN is a great way to enhance the value of your home, and ensure that you are receiving the best possible return on your investment.

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We are proud to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We are state-licensed general contractors and state-licensed roofing contractors. We are also committed to environmental responsibility, and use only eco-friendly Roof Shampoo products for most cleaning jobs. You should rely on us for all of your siding, roofing and remodeling needs!

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