Tips for Boosting Your Business’s Curb Appeal

June 4, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

You’ve leveraged social media. You’ve launched successful ad campaigns. You’ve hired a great staff. What else can you do to get customers in your door? Increasing your curb appeal can have significant impact. To draw more business to your company, try the following tips. From parking lot stripes to commercial roofing in Minneapolis, MN, you can quickly transform the look of your property to greatly enhance its appeal:

  • Exterior cleaning: When it comes to first impressions, the outside of your building is just as important as the inside. To attract customers, the exterior of the building must look sharp. Take a quick overview of your roof, siding and windows. Are they looking a little dingy—or maybe more than a little? You’ll be amazed at the difference a professional exterior cleaning by your experts in commercial roofing in Minneapolis, MN can make.
  • New lines: When was the last time you painted your parking lot stripes? Clearly marked spaces and directional indicators are key to a positive customer experience. If your lines are faded, consider sprucing up your parking lot with a fresh paint job. Don’t forget to maintain any signage that goes along with it, such as for handicapped parking or other specially designated spots.
  • A clean sweep: This is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to increase your curb appeal. Keep the sidewalk, entryway and parking lot swept clean. Be sure all trash and debris are cleaned up regularly. Additionally, ensure all trash bins are emptied frequently to avoid unattractive overflows.
  • Natural appeal: Plants make any space more inviting. Consider adding flowers or greenery to your exterior. Place pots by the entrance. Line your walkway with blooms. A touch of nature’s beauty is sure to enhance the curb appeal of your business.
  • Solid walkways: Examine the condition of your walkways. Are the sidewalks, steps or pavers cracked or crumbling? This not only looks unattractive, it can also be unsafe for customers. Improve the appeal and the safety of your business by making repairs to keep your walkways smooth.
  • Enticing sales: Do you have space to place a few items for sale outside? This is a great way to grab customers’ attention and bring them into your store. Use large, clear signage to highlight your sales, and place some attention-grabbing items outside or in the storefront. You’ll be sure to turn some heads with this approach to enhancing curb appeal.
  • Simple sophistication: Use good signage and product placement, but don’t go overboard. You don’t want your business to look cluttered and unappealing. In a similar vein, keep the landscaping neat and trim. You want your business to have an attractive look that doesn’t overwhelm or underwhelm customers.

Take the next step in enhancing your exterior by starting with your commercial roofing in Minneapolis, MN. The professionals at Diamond Roofing, Remodeling & Roof Shampoo offer detailed exterior cleaning methods that leave your business looking like new. Contact us today to get started on your exterior transformation!

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