Roof Cleaning in the Twin Cities is a Small Investment that can Have a Big Impact on Your Home Sale

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As you prepare to sell your home, there are a lot of steps you can take to boost its curb appeal and aesthetic value, which can in turn make a big difference in what you can ask people to pay for your home. One such investment that often gets overlooked is roof cleaning in the Twin Cities.

Chances are, your roof is looking a little weathered, has some spots where algae is growing and has other spots where debris has built up and potentially left behind undesirable marks and streaks. These bits of debris and roof streaks can be an eyesore for potential buyers considering your property, so why not make the small investment to get rid of them beforehand?

Ugly roof streaks

You’ve probably seen these streaks on roofs before. When they form, it’s easy to get the impression the homeowner doesn’t take particularly great care of the property, even if that’s not the case at all. In fact, these streaks are simply not preventable—they are caused by an algae called Gloecapsa magma that grows on the roof. But most buyers don’t know that—they just see the streaks and perhaps the algae itself and think, “This doesn’t look good, I don’t want to deal with that problem myself.”

The good news is, a thorough cleaning can remove the algae and streaks in less than a day. It’s not at all necessary for you to have to purchase a brand-new roof just to solve this issue—that would cost thousands of dollars and would be silly if the roof itself is still in good condition.

It is, however, important to get rid of the moss and algae when you notice it, because over time it will start to break down your shingles, resulting in a need to replace those shingles earlier than you would have had to otherwise. This is because shingles frequently have limestone mixed into their asphalt, and limestone is particularly susceptible to mold damage.

These black streaks and algae are most commonly found on the northern slopes of the house, where there’s going to be less direct sunlight and, as a result, more dampness, which makes it conducive to growing bacteria and algae.

Streak and algae removal

There are a variety of methods companies use to remove these streaks and the mold or algae causing them. One popular method us to spray on a sodium hydrochloride mixture that kills the bacteria and makes it easy to wash away. There are other similar types of products available for your own use if you choose to do it yourself, but it’s helpful to have a professional take the job on for the purposes of safety and efficiency.

Never, ever power wash the roof—this can destroy your shingles and actually make it necessary to reroof the home. For more information about roof cleaning in the Twin Cities, contact us today.

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