Don’t Poison Your Yard – Top Reasons to Use a Natural, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Product on Your Roof

May 17, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

Most homeowners know that it’s essential to invest in regular roof cleaning. It’s less common knowledge, however, that certain types of roof cleaners can cause serious, long-term damage to the health of your lawn, landscaping and even the roof itself.

Most commercial roof cleaning products used by roof contractors are bleach-based. Many people associate bleach with cleanliness, but actually, bleach is a harsh chemical that often causes more problems than it solves. For instance, when bleach is sprayed onto a roof, some of it vaporizes into toxic chlorine gas, which can cause respiratory problems, particularly for people suffering from asthma. Additionally, bleach permanently kills any plants it comes into contact with.

The primary reason to invest in roof cleaning in the first place is to eliminate the growth of mold and algae. While bleach is capable of temporarily getting rid of mold, it can also break down the top layer of certain materials used for roofing, including wood, into cellulose, making it easier for mold to regrow in the future.

Furthermore, many roof cleaning products also contain phosphates, which are a well-known watershed pollutant. Many states have banned the use of phosphates.

Thankfully, there are many eco-friendly solutions available for exterior cleaning in Hennepin County, MN. Here are just some of the benefits associated with working with a company that specializes in the use of an eco-friendly roof shampoo product:

  • Lower risk of roof damage: Chemicals like bleach and compounds like phosphates are hard on even the most durable surfaces. Regularly using bleach-based roof cleaners on your home may accelerate the deterioration of your home’s roof, meaning that you’ll need to invest in roof repair and replacement sooner than you otherwise might.
  • Protected landscaping and lawns: Many people pour lots of time and effort into caring for their lawns and landscaping. When you invest in a natural approach to roof cleaning, you’re also paying to protect your grass, shrubs and flowers beneath. Unlike bleach, natural cleaners can contact plants in limited doses without killing them.
  • Better for the environment: Phosphates contaminate the local watershed, and bleach vaporizes into toxic chlorine gas. There’s no getting around it—bleach-based roof cleaners just aren’t easy on the local environment. Thankfully, natural cleaning solutions are much less impactful than traditional roof cleaning products.
  • Excellent results: You may think that natural cleaners will be less effective than bleach-based roof cleaning products. In fact, eco-friendly cleaning products are just as, if not more, effective than bleach cleaners. There are very few downsides to investing in a roof cleaning service that uses natural, eco-friendly cleaners.

Diamond Roofing, Remodeling & Roof Shampoo is a trusted provider of exterior cleaning in Hennepin County, MN. We provide high-quality roof shampoo services using an environmentally conscious roof shampoo product.

We’re also a licensed roofing contractor capable of executing repairs and roofing installations. Our company is proud to maintain an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). To learn more, reach out to one of our friendly representatives today and receive a free estimate.

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