Important Reasons to Clean Your Roof Regularly

May 31, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

Just because you don’t take a look at your roof on a daily basis doesn’t mean that the grime doesn’t affect you. Scheduling an eco-friendly roof cleaning in Minneapolis should be part of your regular roof maintenance. In addition to the improved appearance of a bright and fresh roof, you’ll benefit from a clean roof in many other ways. Read on to find out all the ways that cleaning your roof will benefit your home:

  • Maintain roof integrity: Regularly scheduling an eco-friendly roof cleaning in Minneapolis is important for the health of your roof. Organisms that grow on your roof— like algae, moss and the critters that they attract—can penetrate the shingles, allowing moisture to seep into the sheathing. This can lead to many issues, including wood rot, which attracts additional animals you don’t want making a home in your roof.
  • Prevent damage: Algae, lichens and moss grow on everyone’s roof. The important thing is to regularly clean the roof to prevent these organisms from overgrowing and contributing to the damage on your roof. These materials feed off the organic material that makes up your shingles, meaning they inherently cause damage just by being there, even if they haven’t reached the sheathing. Keeping your roof clean will keep it in good repair.
  • Prevent mold: When algae and moss are left to grow undisturbed, they can eat through your shingles and into your roof deck. This can cause wood rot, which allows moisture to get in through the cracks and can lead to mold growth. Mold, in addition to being damaging to your home, can be a health risk to people and pets. You may spot mold through stains on the roof. Don’t ignore signs of damage before it’s too late. Schedule an eco-friendly roof cleaning in Minneapolis.
  • Improves appearance: You may not realize how much your dingy roof is impacting the appearance of your home until you have it cleaned. It can detract from the curb appeal of your home as well, especially if you’re trying to sell it. Ugly roof stains, moss and more will negatively impact the appearance of your house. A clean roof instantly brightens and creates a fresh look for your home.
  • Save money: Regularly cleaning your roof will save you money in the long run. It will prevent damage from causing premature problems to your sheathing, resulting in premature re-roofing costs. Plus, your homeowners insurance company could cancel your policy for your dirty roof due to your failure to provide necessary upkeep for your home.

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