The Importance of Keeping Your Roof Clean

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You probably work tirelessly to keep the inside of your home clean. Mopping, sweeping, vacuuming and wiping up spills are all just parts of being a diligent homeowner. But did you know that maintaining your roof’s cleanliness is just as important as cleaning the inside of your home? Continue reading to learn why it’s essential to hire roof cleaners in Minneapolis!

Your roof accumulates more than just dirt

Rainwater will typically wash away any dirt that has collected on your roof, but it can’t get rid of other things that might grow up there. Here are a few of the substances that professional roof cleaners in Wayzata, MN can help clear away:

  • Algae: Have you ever driven through a neighborhood and noticed houses with black, green or blue spots on the roof? No, that’s not a unique design—it’s actually algae! Algae grow in moist, cool and shaded areas of the roof and feed on the asphalt and limestone particles on the surface. Where there’s one roof with algae, there’s usually more, as algae spores are transmitted from roof to roof via wind gusts.
  • Lichens: When you combine a fungus and algae, you get lichens. These plant-like organisms grow roots that dig deep into a shingle’s organic base to get their nutrients. Lichens are tough to remove without the help of a professional, and they can quickly reappear after a rainstorm or a particularly humid day.
  • Moss: Roofs that haven’t been cleaned in a really long time can start to develop moss. Moss has a shallow root system and needs a damp, shaded area to survive and grow. Like algae, moss spores can be transmitted to different roofs by the wind.

Stains cause damage

Those stains up on your roof aren’t just unsightly—they can actually cause significant problems for your roof. Luckily, you can avoid the issues below by hiring roof cleaners in Minnetonka, MN:

  • Shingle damage: As mentioned above, algae actually feed on limestone and asphalt shingles. It slowly eats away at the shingles, causing more and more damage as it goes along. Roofs with algae also absorb more heat, which causes higher temperatures in the attic, and prematurely wears out the shingles. Lichens cause roof problems by digging their roots down into the shingles and creating tiny little holes. Moss even causes the edges of the shingles to curl upwards, which will eventually lead to a need for major roof repair or replacement.
  • Wood rot: Speaking of moss, it’s a major contributor to wood rot underneath your shingles. Moss holds moisture in, meaning water will just accumulate in spots where moss grows on the roof. Eventually, all of that water will seep down into the roof deck and begin to rot the wood. Since wood rot is hard to spot from the ground, it’s not a bad idea to have your roof inspected by a professional.

If your roof hasn’t been cleaned in a while, pick up the phone and give Diamond Roofing, Remodeling & Roof Shampoo a call! Our competitive prices and fast service make us the premier roof cleaners in White Bear Lake, MN.

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