What Are the Negative Effects of Power Washing Your Building with Caustic Chemicals?

June 14, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

For exterior and roof cleaning, many contractors will use powerful caustic chemicals such as bleach to remove stains, organic matter and dirt buildup. While these chemicals are effective at cleaning, there are some hazards to using them to power wash your home or business that companies who use these cleaners won’t tell you. Fortunately, there is an alternative with roof shampoo and power washing services in Minneapolis. The combination of roof shampoo and power washing can quickly and safely remove even the most stubborn buildup. Read on to learn more about how caustic chemical cleaners can be damaging to you and your home or business:

  • Corrodes metal: Bleach and TSP, common caustic chemicals used by roof contractors for power washing and exterior cleaning, will corrode metal. The higher the strength of the concentration, the more damage will be done. Many companies don’t rinse properly after cleaning, either, which will accelerate the damage.
  • Toxic gas emissions: Chlorine bleach releases toxic chlorine gas as it is sprayed and as it evaporates, which is dangerous for anyone in the presence of the cleaning or hanging around afterwards. These toxic fumes can drift as far as a block away, which exposes everyone who lives on the block. The strong odor is an alert to those who have been exposed, as the chlorine gas is damaging to the eyes, throat and lungs.
  • Kills organic matter: While the bleach’s ability to kill organic matter may be why it’s chosen for cleaning exterior walls and roofs, it is damaging to matter that is not the target of the cleaning as well, such as any plants and vegetation around the home. These good plants may be difficult to protect from the dangerous chemicals being sprayed.
  • Corrodes important roof accessories: Even if your roof itself is not made of metal, bleach used in cleaners can damage aspects of your roof, such as flashings, underlayment, valleys, boots and other components.
  • Masks stains: Bleach works by lightening stains rather than removing them. The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association states that chlorine bleach only temporarily lightens stains and says that discoloration will likely recur in the same place.
  • Masks other chemicals: Many companies who use bleach mix it in with an array of other chemicals to mask the smell, such as phosphates, dish detergents, laundry detergents and more, which not only add to the damaging chemical concoction but obscure the fact that they are using bleach.

Many roofing contractors and power washing services in Minneapolis prefer to hide the fact that they are using bleach, stating that they are using a soft wash or following the shingle manufacturer’s recommendations. In fact, if they don’t state upfront that they are not using bleach, it is likely that they are.

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