Reasons to Clean Your Roof with Non-Hazardous Chemicals

September 18, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

Roof cleaning is important to keep your property looking beautiful, increase its lifespan and avoid costly repairs. When you properly maintain a roof, it can last for three decades or more. However, it’s possible that the roof will need to be replaced earlier if it’s subject to the buildup of dirt, debris and grime.

Just cleaning the roof is a start, but you also want to understand the benefits of cleaning your roof with eco-friendly products in Wayzata, MN. This is better for the environment and has benefits for your home. Read on to find out why non-hazardous chemicals are the best choice for your home’s roof:

  • The problem with chemicals: Traditional roof cleaning methods use a chlorine and water solution followed by a rinse. This is toxic, and overspray and runoff are liable to damage plants, harm your family’s health and damage your property. Sodium hydroxide cleaners may be advertised as safe, but they can actually damage asphalt shingle roofs, which is the exact opposite of what you want to do. The bottom line is that chemical-based cleaners are liable to lead to irreversible damage to your home and the surrounding property.
  • Pressure cleaning: This is an alternative to chemical-based cleaners that’s great for concrete, tile and metal roofs. This cuts down on the cost, but it does require a great deal of pressure to effectively clean the roof. On the downside, frequent use of this cleaning solution could cause issues. The growth of algae is possible, and it may cause the erosion of roof materials. It’s also not recommended for asphalt shingle roofs.
  • Roof Shampoo: This eco-friendly treatment eliminates stains, dirt, grime and more without the use of chemicals. It’s completely safe and won’t damage the surrounding landscaping or your roof. It’s great for eliminating algae, as well. Along with a comprehensive preventative cleaning program designed with your home’s needs in mind, this is an ideal solution. It keeps your property’s curb appeal high without having to resort to the use of harsh chemicals.

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