The Dangers of Using Power Washing Chemicals Around Your Yard

December 19, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

Power washing is an effective way to clear away dirt and grime from a variety of surfaces, including driveways, siding and decks, but power washing also has some potentially negative effects. Power washing equipment is often loaded with chemical cleaning solutions that are designed to break down tough grime and stains, and these chemicals can harm your yard. Read on to find out more about the dangers of some power washing chemicals and the benefits of choosing natural roof cleaning service in Wayzata, MN instead.

Problems with power washing chemicals

There are a variety of different chemical solutions that are used for power washing. Bleach solutions are used to eliminate mold, mildew and algae growth from outdoor surfaces like roofs and siding. While the bleach in these solutions is diluted with water, it is still potent enough to pose a risk to your plants and lawn. As bleach breaks down, its salinity level increases. Any runoff into your lawn or garden can eventually result in widespread plant death. While some of the harm caused by bleach cleaning solutions can be minimized by watering plants and lawns before pressure washing, there’s no way to entirely eliminate the risk.

Liquid detergents are also commonly used for power washing. These detergents are made up of a combination of potent chemicals that are diluted with water. While most liquid detergents used for pressure washing are designed to be biodegradable, detergent residue can still harm plants with exposed foliage. Many people water plants prior to pressure washing and rinse them off afterwards to reduce the risk of damage, but it only takes a small amount of strong chemicals to harm plants. Not only do bleach and chemical detergent power washing cleaners pose a risk to plants, but they also have the potential to damage sensitive surfaces.

Alternative options

Many people assume that strong chemicals are necessary for effective pressure washing, but there are alternative options that don’t carry as much risk and still offer effective cleaning. Consider alternatives to bleach and strong chemical detergents to get great results from pressure washing without any of the negative effects.

If you want to get all of the benefits of pressure washing, but don’t want to risk the harm to your plants, consider natural roof cleaning service in Minnetonka, MN. Natural roof cleaning service is performed with eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are designed to be effective and safe for the environment. Experienced roof cleaning professionals know how to use eco-friendly cleaners to cut through tough grime and dirt without posing any risk to landscaping or harming plants.

Natural roof cleaning service in Minnetonka, MN

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