The Top Dangers of DIY Roof Pressure Washing

December 5, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

Lots of people choose to take on do-it-yourself projects to save money on services from professional companies. While there are a lot of instances when DIY is a more practical and economical option, there are other situations when it’s best to leave the work to a professional. When it comes to roof pressure washing, it’s always better to rely on services from roof cleaning companies in Wayzata, MN. In fact, DIY pressure washing can be damaging and even dangerous.

Pressure washing might seem simple enough, but this process is a lot more challenging and dangerous than many people realize, particularly when roofs are involved. Pressure washing equipment discharges a highly pressurized stream of water that can cause injury and damage property if it isn’t handled by an expert. Here are a few of the most common dangers of DIY roof pressure washing:

  • Surface damage: One of the most significant issues commonly caused by DIY pressure washing is surface damage. If pressure washing equipment is mishandled or nozzles are held too close to a surface, they can cause damage like paint chipping, dents and cracking. It takes a lot of experience to handle pressure washing equipment effectively without causing any damage to sensitive surfaces like shingles. Attempting pressure washing on your own can even hasten shingle deterioration.
  • Potential injury: Pressure washer hoses generate a stream of water that’s about 50 times more powerful than the average garden hose. When handling pressure washing equipment, it’s easy to lose control and wind up with an injury as a result. Roof cleaning companies in Minnetonka, MN follow safety precautions to prevent injury and complete pressure washing projects safely.
  • Electrical accidents: Everyone knows that water and electricity don’t mix, but people without experience using pressure washing equipment might not know all of the precautions necessary to avoid an electrical accident. Power washing equipment is connected to an electrical source with a long cable, which is vulnerable to cracking. If any cracks develop in the cord due to improper use or poor storage, they cord will be susceptible to damage from water, which may lead to an electrical short or shock.
  • Harmful chemicals: There are many different cleaning solutions on the market for pressure washers, and many of these solutions contain harmful chemicals that can damage property and harm landscaping. Experts know how to properly mix and apply chemical cleaners and detergents to minimize risks, but most people who attempt DIY pressure washing don’t have the experience necessary to use these chemicals effectively without causing any harm.

Roof cleaning companies in Minnetonka, MN

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