Reasons Not to Pressure Wash Your Home’s Exterior

January 8, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

Pressure washing is a great way to get through tough layers of grime and clear away debris on a variety of surfaces, but it isn’t right for every surface. In fact, pressure washing can actually damage some surfaces, including the materials on the exterior of many homes. Pressure washing your home’s exterior can result in all kinds of problems and complications that require costly repairs to fix. It’s important to understand some of the reasons to avoid pressure washing your home’s exterior and some alternatives for the best roof cleaning in Minnetonka, MN.

Whether you perform pressure washing yourself or you hire a professional for the job, it’s usually not the best way to clean your home’s exterior. Here are several reasons why you should avoid pressure washing for exterior cleaning in Wayzata, MN:

  • Masonry damage: Many people assume that masonry is strong enough to withstand pressure washing, but the reality is that pressure washing bricks often causes significant damage. This problem is especially common when pressure washing is used on older houses with bricks and mortar that are more susceptible to damage. In some cases, pressure washing equipment can deteriorate bricks and mortar, weakening the structure of older homes and causing long-term problems.
  • Scraped wood: Pressure washing is often used to clear away loose, chipped paint from wood surfaces on the exterior of homes. While pressure washing can get rid of old paint effectively, it can also damage wood, especially softwood. The water pressure that’s needed to strip paint is so forceful that it scrapes up the wood underneath, causing cracks, holes and deep grooves to develop.
  • Water damage: Your home’s exterior is designed to withstand the elements, including heavy precipitation and stormy weather, but pressure washing is far more extreme than any other natural weather conditions that your home’s exterior might be exposed to. Pressure washing siding can actually force water through the material, leading to extensive water damage in your home’s structure, framing and interior walls.
  • Roof damage: Pressure washing is a popular way to remove algae, moss, dirt and other debris from roofs, but pressure washing equipment isn’t ideal for roof cleaning in Minnetonka, MN. The highly pressurized jet of water can actually deteriorate shingles and lead to water damage. For the best roof cleaning in Wayzata, MN, a gentler approach is usually much more effective and safer. Roof shampooing is a specialized service that’s specifically designed for roofs. It’s safer for roofing materials than pressure washing, and it delivers an exceptional clean.

Professional roof shampooing

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