Tips for Choosing the Right Roof Cleaner in Your Area

January 29, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a dirty roof isn’t good for your home or business. It’s critical to make sure that you’re regularly removing accumulated dirt and debris, moss or just the regular germs and bacteria that are naked to the human eye. If left to sit too long, these minor issues not only lower your property value, but they can also quickly become a costly nuisance.

If you’re noticing issues with your roof’s general cleanliness, it’s time to call in a professional to make sure that the long-term integrity of your roof is protected. But how can you make sure that you’re calling in a pro, and not just a poseur with a power washer? Here are some tips to ensure that you’re enlisting the help of the best roof cleaners in Minnetonka, MN.

Professional safety

Whenever you invite workers onto your property, regard for the wellbeing of both the client and the employees should be a top priority. A reputable roof cleaner will be licensed and insured against the possibility of injury for one of their people or damage to your property. An insured contractor takes the burden of safety off you and puts it on themselves.

Check their Better Business Bureau reputation

For more than a century, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has focused itself on the advancement of trust between businesses and the customers who support them. This independent non-profit provides ratings for local companies around the country that you can check out online for free.

Before you hire a roof cleaner or any outside professional, make sure to check out their rating with the BBB. If it’s not an A+, it’s not worth your time.

Don’t hire a roofer—hire a roof cleaner

A lot of clients may suffer under the impression that a contractor is a contractor, but that’s not the case. The best roof cleaners in Wayzata, MN will advertise themselves as a roof cleaning specialist, not just a roofer. This distinction is essential because it indicates that your potential roof cleaner has the specific tools and training to clean your roof without causing damage.

Ask about their experience with different materials

It probably comes as no surprise that different roofing materials require different strategies to achieve a deep clean. You can’t clean asphalt shingles the same way you’d clean heavy tiles. A proper roof cleaner should be able to demonstrate that they’ve tackled roofs made up of the same materials above your head.

The roof cleaner you require

Diamond Roofing, Remodeling & Roof Shampoo is proud to rank among the best roof cleaners in White Bear Lake, MN. Our unique method of shampooing your roof ensures that you’re getting a comprehensive clean that will help prolong the life of your investment. On top of our cutting-edge methods, we’re also one of the most experienced roof cleaners in the greater Minneapolis area.

Don’t take chances with an inferior team—come to Diamond Roofing, Remodeling & Roof Shampoo. We’re ready and waiting to schedule your free estimate. Call today or visit us online.

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