Reasons to Seek an Eco-Friendly Roof Cleaning Service

August 14, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

At Diamond Roofing, Remodeling & Roof Shampoo, we are proud to be the only licensed roof cleaning service in the area, and even more so of the fact that we’re able to provide that service in an extremely environmentally-friendly manner.

Our eco-friendly roof cleaning service in Minneapolis, MN uses green, eco-friendly products that do not contain bleach to clean the roof, which prevents harm that might otherwise occur to nature, pets and people in your home. This is a completely safe method of cleaning your roof and removing stains caused by moss, mold, lichen, black algae or fungi on roofing materials of all types. When properly performed, it will completely clean your shingles, killing off organic growth within the first 48 hours. The dead material will then be washed off over the next several weeks as it’s exposed to wind and rain. It’s an affordable, reliable solution that will bring your roof back to its former glory.

The eco-friendly variety of roof cleaning has become more popular in recent years as customers seek to limit their impact on the environment. Here are just a few of the reasons why eco-friendly roof cleaning is so beneficial:

  • Reduce pollution: Eco-friendly products make it easier for you to reduce pollution and contamination compared to standard roof cleaning methods.
  • Avoid damage: Harsher roof cleaning products and chemicals that include bleach or surfactants can degrade the roofing materials, which will reduce the lifespan of your roof.
  • Prevent harm to living things: Eco-friendly roof cleaning products are much safer for children, plants and animals. You don’t have to worry about doing any damage to your landscaping, for example, or exposing your kids or pets to any potentially dangerous products.
  • Satisfaction: Who doesn’t feel satisfied by doing something good for the environment? By investing in eco-friendly roof cleanings, you’ll be doing your part to guard public health and preserve the environment as a whole.

Most of the green roof cleaning products you’ll find on the market are made primarily with hydrogen peroxide, which is natural and highly popular for its effectiveness. Other companies might use a combination of moss and green algae neutralizers.

While it is possible for you to take on roof cleaning yourself with the right equipment and products, it’s generally better to leave it up to a professional. You can always trust that a pro in the field will be able to safely get up onto your roof and navigate it, and that they will know exactly the right products to use to get the best results while remaining safe. They will also be able to get the job done in a way that avoids breaking or damaging tiles or shingles, and you can trust that they will simply do a better job at fully cleaning your roof.

At Diamond Roofing, Remodeling & Roof Shampoo, our team is pleased to answer any questions you have about our eco-friendly roof cleaning service in Minneapolis, MN. For more information, we encourage you to contact us today. Save the environment while keeping your roof looking clean and new!

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