Leave It to the Pros! Here’s Why You Should Reconsider Cleaning Your Own Roof

September 14, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

Many homeowners regard themselves as capable and even enthusiastic DIY-ers—the types who look at a medicine cabinet that needs hanging or an electrical socket that needs rewiring and feel confident they can get the job done. However, part of being a good DIY-er is knowing when you’ve reached the limits of your powers and it’s time to call in the pros.

Roof cleaning in Minneapolis is one such job. Lots of homeowners aren’t too eager to get up on the roof for any reason in the first place, so this isn’t always a tough sell, but even if you’re not scared of heights, there are some things to understand about why you should leave this job to the pros.

Safety first

We’ll be the first ones to tell you this: roofing is a dangerous business for a number of reasons. For starters, working with heights is inherently risky. Falls, while preventable in most cases, can still happen, and there is a real risk of injury as a result. They account for a huge portion of construction deaths and injuries, so roof cleaning in Minneapolis should be something you don’t try on your own. Sudden gusts of wind, bad equipment or even a quick summer shower can all provide unforeseen circumstances that cause a fall—it’s better to just not put yourself in that position in the first place.

Trust the roofer’s eye

As a full-service roofing company, cleaning is not the only service we provide to our customers. When you hire us to do one task on the roof, you’re really hiring us to inspect your roof at the same time. We will never just shampoo or clean your roof without taking a thorough look at its condition, so you’re really getting a “two for one” deal when you work with us. When our staff is up on your roof, they’ll be checking the shingles, the waterproofing and more to ensure everything is up to our exacting standards. If it isn’t, we can instantly provide recommendations and solutions to get it back in shape.

Our proprietary products

Diamond Roofing, Remodeling & Roof Shampoo is the only authorized dealer of Roof Shampoo in the entire metro area. This incredible, eco-friendly product has the capacity to eliminate tons of buildup on even the dirtiest roof when applied by our qualified experts. We can help you save on insurance, too—an excessively dirty roof can actually cause your insurance rates to go up, since it can be such a danger to its structural integrity.

Roof cleaning in Minneapolis is a job you should have completed on a regular basis, and it’s not something you should ever attempt as a DIY project. We have the tools and the safety training to get the job done quickly and efficiently, with minimal risk to everyone involved, and at a higher quality than you’ll be able to achieve on your own. Give Diamond Roofing, Remodeling & Roof Shampoo a call today for an estimate—we can’t wait to work on your roof!

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